Lauren went from writing about all things beauty, fashion and food before arriving in the world of technology (that’s a natural career progression, right?). Before that, Lauren studied photojournalism for 3 years and developed a passion for documenting London’s live music circuits. Despite having a love of museums, galleries and culture, Lauren’s guilty pleasures in … Read more

Not your Typical Karen. Being the youngest of the Fintech Finance Team Karen likes to work hard, play hard. She is working on expanding her Knowledge of the Fintech World (as we all are). Single-handedly keeping the Bars and Restaurants going.

Laimis has a pet hedgehog called Kinder… that’s something we can all get on board with… Apparently, Pugs and hedgehogs get on pretty well, who knew? Laimis is on the video team at Fintech Finance, which means he’s an accomplished editor, cameraman and paranormal investigator. Laimis can hear the colour blue, but doesn’t often speak … Read more